Enhancing Quality, Reducing Costs and Enabling Faster Release to Market !

We are domain experts in Software Quality Assurance & Testing, Program Management and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Systems Engineering — with our support executing their back office tasks, our clients can remain focused on their domain of expertise, designing and developing their products and applications, executing sales & marketing and providing exceptional customer service to their customers to further grow their businesses.

Our expertise in executing Software development, Quality Assurance and Testing, Systems Engineering and Program Management services complement and improve the day-to-day operations, and the development cycle of products and services offered by our clients

We help our clients achieve their long-term goals and reduce backlogs by augmenting their existing teams with our highly-skilled and experienced software testers, systems engineers and program managers.

Our US based certified and experienced Software Quality Assurance and Program Managers provide project oversight to ensure reliability, responsiveness and performance that is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Call us today for a free, no obligation review of your needs and learn how we may be able to help your products be more reliable, your development processes & operations be more efficient, and your business achieve even greater success.

Our Services

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

We will review your existing software development and configuration management plans and procedures and provide appropriate comments and recommendations so as to ensure that all applicable industry standards and procedures are in place and are being followed throughout your product/ application’s software development life cycle, including the testing and release phases. more…

Software Testing

We will perform all types of testing using black-box or white-box techniques: functional, usability, security, database testing, cross-platform, cross-browser, accessibility, performance, load/stress testing etc., as required and directed, in order to validate that your application/ product meets all its requirements and performs all the functions as expected, prior to its release. more…

Business Process Optimization

We offer hands-on expertise and experience to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of people, process and systems in your business. Our goal is to make sure the right work is being done by the right people in the most effective way possible, and that you are getting the most value from all your resources. more…

Legacy Systems Conversion & Support

We will evaluate possible updates and conversions of your Legacy systems to one of the more current platforms and if you do decide to update the system, we will execute the updates and/or conversions. We will also support and maintain your Legacy Systems, work on bug fixes and add new features and functionality as directed. more…

Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) Systems Engineering

Our experienced Systems Engineers will work closely with you to establish an integrated end-to-end process which will ensure that your product/ application is designed and developed in the most efficient and effective manner, meeting all the design objectives. We will bring together process and technology to implement a viable and effective systems engineering process. more…

Program Management

Our experienced Program Management Institute (PMI) certified Program Management Professionals (PMPs), Program Mangers will use structured methodology to carry out through diagnosis of your product/ applications development program to identify and assess potential risks from quality, cost and time perspectives and recommend practical and effective mitigation strategies using industry standard solutions.more…

Why choose us?

Domain Expertise

We know what we are doing

Best Value for the Money

Most reasonable costs without compromising results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are absolutely committed to 100% customer’s satisfaction.

Dedicated Testing Team:

We’ll build you a team of one or more testers, a delivery manager, and a consultant working seamlessly with you. Not only can you count on their skills and expertise, but they have other experienced Quality engineers in the company to turn to when dealing with the complexities of testing.

Transparency & Accountability:

  • Daily communication
  • Standups
  • Weekly status reports
  • Monthly Progress Report

Free, no obligation trail:

In order to demonstrate our capabilities and to gain your trust, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to make your own assessment of our expertise and commitment, by executing up to 40 (forty) hours of software testing effort FREE OF CHARGE. This includes the completion of all the standard steps necessary to set up and execute the testing of your particular product and delivery of the all the relevant artifacts. Such as Test Procedures, Test Scripts and Reports. No contracts, commitment or credit card required.

Our office in the United States is staffed by experienced, certified SQA and Program Managers and ICT Systems Engineers and our office in Bangladesh is staffed by experienced SQA Managers and team of English speaking software engineers/developers and testers with college degrees, together the Clarus team will add significant quantifiable and sustainable value to your business.

Call or contact us for a no obligation discussion to explore how we may assist you in your business.

About Us

Clarus LLC is a technology consulting company providing Software Quality Assurance (SQA) & Testing, Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) Systems Engineering, Project & Program Management, Business Process Optimization and Legacy Systems Conversion & Maintenance services.

Clarus offers the services of very qualified and experienced Software Quality Assurance Managers, Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Program Management Professionals (PMPs) , Program Managers and Systems Engineering professionals to analyze and successfully resolve our clients' most pressing technical and business process challenges.

We provide one-on-one customized services to our clients enabling them to select and deploy the most cost effective high value solutions. We have extensive and intimate, technical and operational familiarity with all of the leading systems and software development processes and testing protocols.

We are committed to providing the most transparent, thorough, qualified and reliable technical services, with guaranteed customers satisfaction.

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